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Thank you for considering supporting! The goal of LSC is to be a comprehensive guide for learning Super Mario Sunshine Any%. Unfortunately being the only one keeping the site has it's downfalls and I'm unable to create examples/explanations on top level strats since I don't know them myself. If you know these strats and would like to help, you can download a Microsoft Word file (.docx) listing everything the site is missing on the right margin. As for submissions, here's what I'm looking for.

An Example Video:

A good example video should show the strat in question in a clear and non-confusing way. For example no unnecessary over the top movement or showboating. It should be a good execution of the strat as well. Try not to make any mistakes, as it could be misconstrued or confusing to those trying to learn off your video. To keep submitted videos consistent with the rest of the site, start on the shine select screen (or secret fade-in when applicable) and end on the save box screen. When recording your video, do not have any stream overlays or layouts just a simple black background with only the game. Input displays and higher resolution are a plus! Remember, however, that non of these rules are concrete and I'm willing and grateful to accept anything contributors are kind enough to create!

A Text Explanation:

Text explanations should be clear and concise and not have any unnecessary detail. Prefferably, to keep consistent with the rest of the site, a text explanation should be made from bullet points. However, if explaining a difficult trick or some situation where a few sentences won't do, a paragraph is perfectly acceptable. When writing an explanation, use the simplest and easiest to understand language you can. For example, a beginner wouldn't know what a GWKDH is. Remember, however, that non of these rules are concrete and I'm willing and grateful to accept anything contributors are kind enough to create!

Submitting a Video or Text Explanation:

If you'd like to submit a video or text explanation, thank you! To do so you can e-mail me any relevant files at, join the discord server ( and @ me, or direct message me on discord at @mwolfe11#8571.


For anything submitted I will, of course, give credit. By a submitted video or text I will put 'By: YourNameHere'. Your name can be linked back to any site you choose. For example a Twitch or account. If you would like you can also create a profile on this site and put multiple links in your profile description. This way, when clicking your name, a user will be redirected to your profile page where they will see all your links.

Clicking this button will download the list of needed strats.

To contact me about any flaws or incorrect information on this site join my discord and @ me with this permenant invite link.

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