ふしぎせいぶつ マンタ しゅうらい!

The Manta Storm is easily one of the most annoying levels in the run, especially for beginners. It can be easy to loose a manta or get knocked back between them for several HP. It also presents a bit of a unique challenge which is endurance. As small an issue as it may seem, Sirena 2 is often quite a bit harder if you've had a bad manta and spent longer spam spraying, even without doing railing kicks or the momentum spin.



Sirena Entry Movement

As every level in Sirena Beach involves talking to the Hotel Manager, they all have the same beginning movement. The most efficient is to do a dive rollout in the Up Right direction, and to do a single jump, while spraying, towards the stairs and dive into the water. It can be tricky at first, but only changes based on the length of the rollout

Optimal Talking

This is a very minor 'strat' but I thought I would mention it here as this is the longest textbox in the game. The most optimal way to scroll text is to hold A as the text appears in order to keep it scrolling as fast as possible and spam B to skip to the next textbox. Very minor but saves a free couple seconds

Beginning Boss Movement

The most difficult manta patterns usually stem from not doing beginning movement as optimal as possible and this has a major effect on where the manta goes, as it is much easier to control one manta than 15. The best way to corral the manta is to get on the left hut roof (looking from the ocean) and spray the manta in first person towards the right of the beach. This ensures that the manta can't really go in too many hard to reach places and also ensures that a water source is readily available. After the manta splits the first time start to spam spray until the mantas get out of range. After this, get to the pool. This is the best place to stand because you'll never run out of water, always getting more when you land back in the pool.

Efficient Spraying

The main goal of the first stage of the boss fight is to get the mantas to split into their tiniest parts. When this happens they will turn purple and chase Mario. This makes them much more easy to kill and the faster you get to this stage the better. After first getting to the pool, I'd recommend doing spin jumps and spam spraying mid-air as well as zooming out the camera. Good manta players have the ability to decide when to stop spin jumping and start spraying individual mantas. Over time the spin jump method will give decreasing return and the largest mantas must be sought out individually to save time. This timing is never concrete and is completely based on how well the level is going so far. Therefore it is impossible to tell exactly when to start doing this, but it should come easily through time. After all the mantas turn purple, resume spin jumping and spray individual mantas again when they seem to be dying out. You may have to find one or two of the remaining ones which is why I suggest zooming out the camera earlier.

Grabbing the Shine

When the last manta dies and the sound queue plays to end the fight, enter first person mode and look at the sun. This saves Mario's direction through the cutscene and you will spawn facing the shine as well as being a small bit closer to it.


For timing purposes the ending cutscene is about thirty seconds

Controller mods such as trigger stops and sensitivity, while not strictly against the rules can be frowned upon, so I recommend getting approval from a moderator in the SMS discord server


By: DutchJ in 1:43.971 on May 1, 2016

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