My favorite level, Red Coins of the Pirate Ships really has no set movement, and there are a lot of tweaks that go into making it just a bit faster. Because of this, the movement in this level is somewhat fluid so feel free to mix strats together or make your own.



Entering the Park

For the waterslide to enter the park, go a bit left of the rounded wall, and just before it lean Up-Right. If done right you won't bonk on the wall or on the noki by the gate.

Not Enough Height

If you're a bit too low to get a coin, usually the second one, groundpounding gives you a bit more height.

Clipping Through the Ships

It can be very easy to clip through the pirate ships, especially on the decks which are the least reliable areas. To keep from doing this, stay off the decks and do not try to push against the mast while the boast is spinning. Usually the sails and the bottoms of the boats are pretty reliable.

Zip Glitch

Zip glitch occurs when Mario hangs on a ceiling and gets shocked at the same time, and he'll get launched to the height limit. It's an extremely rare softlock but also a very annoying reset.

Not Sticking to the Ceiling

Mario cannot rollout or sideflip and grab a ceiling, to use a sideflip, jump and then hover at the peak of the jump.


By: Nindiddeh in 45.27 on May 7, 2017

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