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Should I Learn EYG?

It really depends how you want to learn the game, learning it first can make it more consistent in the long run but cause a lot more resets early on, and learning it later can be much easier with experience and be less of a problem for runs. With either option, however, I would suggest 5YG over 3YG. It's much easier to learn and easier to get consistantly, along with the fact that 3YG is  much more easy to learn with experience. If learning 5YG later, it's usually most effective to start using in the 1:40:00-1:35:00 area.


It's extremely outdated and way more difficult



---How Does it Work? Why do it?---

Whenever the player is on the beach in Pinna Park, some of the level geometry and features are loaded in inside the park. This is probably supposed to help loading times and be just cosmetic. One of the things that is loaded in inside the park is the Episode 6 Secret's loading zone on the Yoshi-Go-Round. If Mario gets to this loading zone in Episode 5 instead of 6, he skips the entirety of 5 and half of 6, saving time. The only problem in getting there after clipping through the door is that the park is considered Out Of Bounds (OOB). Any area that is OOB with Mario not standing on a surface or above one, he either dies or softlocks. To get around this, we can create our own surface to stand on with Yoshi and ride that over to the Yoshi-Go-Round. (Which for some reason isn't OOB). Per level 6's rules we need Yoshi to be orange before we can enter the secret which is why you eat a papaya after spraying the second stu.


Getting Yoshi

A video guide for the locations of the fruit, as well as a diagram can be found below

What Fruit to Get

As well as the fruit to unlock Yoshi, you will need a papaya and a durian. The properties of the platforms enemies turn into when Yoshi sprays them vary depending on what fruit Yoshi last ate. Durian platforms move forward horizontally, allowing Mario to get across the Out Of Bounds section of the park

Region Difference

Region Differences are differences in how the game acts in certain situations and are dictated by what region your game is from. Japan (NTSC-J) North America (NTSC-U) Europe (PAL) or in rare cases Korea (NTSC-K). EYG has the biggest time difference due to Region Differences in the entire game due to a trick called Fruit Storage which allows Yoshi to store a fruit 'in his mouth'

Fruit Storage (NTSC-U/PAL)

These are the only regions in the game where it is possible to do Fruit Storage. It is very simple and done by easting a fruit and then dismounting Yoshi before the fruit reaches Yoshi's mouth. This effectively 'stores' the fruit and you can eat it at any time in any place by pressing B. You should know if it worked because the fruit should be floating in mid-air and have no collision

Throwing the Papaya (NTSC-J)

If you're on NTSC-J and fruit storage isn't an option, you'll have to throw the papaya into the park and eat it normally afer spraying the stu. To do this, stand in the middle of the yellow flowers (see example video) jump while holding neutral and throw at the apex of the jump

Dragging the Stus

An important thing to know when dragging the stus to the door is to never bring them over the basket. There is an invisible hole in the geometry behind the basket that is Out Of Bounds, and stus will die when you bring them over it.

The Three Bob Rule

When spraying the stu to clip through the gate, there is a specific time where it will be at the perfect height to clip in, and that is when it is at the apex of it's third bob. If you look at a stu flying up after falling on you, you will notice it bobs up and down.

Sidestepping in

A very simple thing many people get hung up on, you can't sidestep through the entire wall. Once you cannot sidestep anymore, let go of L and walk normally the rest of the way. It may also be helpful to spray the stu from the left so when you sidestep, you are immediately perpendicular to the wall.

Not Softlocking

If you make it onto the platform, all you have to do to not softlock is stay on it. Including dismonting Yoshi or jumping while on the platform.

---The Secret---

Since it's pretty intuitive how to do this secret without any strats, I'll just explain the easiest. There are three from worst to best, OT4L (Over The Top To The Left), OT4R (Right), and OT4M (Middle). They also have diminishing return.

OT4L Triple Jump

To do the triple jump in the OT4L (Over The Top To The Left), spin the control stick in mid-air and do a jump dive when you land. A spin always allows Mario to do a triple jump when hitting the ground next.




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