Pianta 5 has second major skip of the game, Yoshi Skip. It can be a run killer at first, but eventually becomes a lot easier once you get the hang of it. Also, it's nowhere near as hard as Gelato Beach Skip


They're terribly outdated, and unecessarily difficult.

The example video and the explanation are both over the way I do Yoshi Skip. There are other ways to do it if you're interested but most are around the same thing.



--What is Yoshi Skip?--

Yoshi skip is a clip that is performed in Pianta 5 that allows a runner to get into the Secret of the Village Underside without using Yoshi. Pianta Village was only meant to be accessed at the end of the game when the player got the Rocket Nozzle, and because of this the game expects us to have already unlocked Yoshi who is necessary to clean the yellow goop covering the portal to the secret. Using Yoshi Skip however, we can skip getting Yoshi until Pinna Park and go straight from Gelato to Pianta using Pianta Early.

--Entrance Movement--


Bridge Slide

To do the bridge slide on Pianta 5, hober in place and dive in the water. If done right, you will keep sliding until the normal gap in the bridge. (Note this only works on this level)

Not Clipping the Bridge

Similar to the log jump in Bianco Hills, just hold R with the hover nozzle. As soon as you start hovering let go of R and press A.

--Yoshi Skip--

Clipping into the Tree

On the side of the tree near the entrance to the secret you will see an M shape in the trunk (pictured below). Walk into the right side of this M and you should clip right through.

Getting the Ledge Grab

There are ways of grabbing the ledge of the mushroom that are more dependable than others. The two ways that always work are falling onto the ledge from slightly above it, or barely grabbing it from slightly underneath.

Clipping into the Mushroom

Once you are hanging on the ledge, zoom the camera in and press L to get a better view (optional). After this, press B to start sliding down the wall. Start hovering backwards just after Mario starts stops sliding down the wall and starts falling. Be careful not to clip back out of the mushroom, and don't go high enough that you could be hit by the goop.

--The Secret--

The Secret of the Village Underside is very easy once you get used to the chuckster's mechanics and patterns. RNG does affect where the chucksters walk, but unless you're going for Early Cycle it doesn't really matter. Due to the fact that Early Cycle is so hard to get, if you're not going for it you can take some time to make sure each throw is correct.

Small vs. Big Chucksters on the First Platform

Choosing which chuckster to use on the first platform is basically how they are placed. Only use the small chuckster when he is on the end of the platform closest to the next, and only use the big chuckster when he is on the end of the platform closest to spawn. Otherwise they can throw you too short or too long.

Lining up the Throw

In order to get an idea of where the chuckster will throw you, imagine a line going through Mario and the chuckster. You will always be thrown on this line unless the chuckster has not turned to face you completely. No matter what, the chuckster will throw you when you end his text so make sure he has turned completely before you do. You can also jump on top of a chuckster to make them turn around instantly.

Y-Throws and Turning in Mid-Air

A Y-Throw is when a chuckster throws you backwards of the original place he was going to. To do this spam Y while going through the chuckster's text. To turn in mid-air press Y and then turn the camera in whatever way you want to go. Spam Y while in the air to do this as many times as possible to get the maximum effect.

Early Cycle

Early Cycle is the very difficult cycle you can potentially get in the Secret. The brown Pianta at the end only has a 1/6 chance to be in the right place for it to even be possible, and it requires near-perfect movement, saving about 25 seconds. Not for beginners.

Double Throw

If he is in the right place, the pink pianta that throws you up to the stu platform can throw you all the way past it and to the last platform. To do this the pianta must be as close as possible to the stu platform, be perfectly aligned, and you must hold up the entire throw. Useful when going for Early Cycle.

The Last Pianta

The normal way to do the final throw is to do a Y-Throw. It does save time over a normal throw, however I choose not to do it (see example). The final pianta can stop at al four corners and the seam in the floor on either side. If Mario jumps on the pianta before it goes over one of these spots, It will not stop. You also cannot go over the landing platform so hold forward the entire time.

Last Pianta Cycles

The last pianta's walk cycle is the following:

1. Walk without stopping for 2.5-25 seconds

2. Walk to the next possible stopping point

3. Stop for 0.833 to 10 seconds

4. Repeat



By: Deusexmachinaln in 55.85 on March 9, 2018

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