Site Update 10/3/19

October 3, 2019

Hello all! It has definitely been a while since I have updated the blog section and I wanted to give my plans for the future of this site. As you may know the site was down for a time a couple months ago. This was not intended. I have the domain set to autorenew every year. This downtime happened because I was unaware that my payment information had changed with my registrar. I hadn't checked the website in a while at that time, since I was on a break from SMS. Coincidentally I checked on the final day before the website re-entered the pool of available domains so I was on the phone with customer support trying to figure out why my payment wasn't working at about 11:00 PM that day. One hour later and I would have had to completely repurchase the domain, so that was fortunate.


As for what my plans are for this site, I am currently not playing SMS very much so I can't update it with new things I learn. I was doing some runs as recently as two weeks ago but I have been very busy with other things, and am currently unable to stream. However, the offer still stands that if someone more knowledgeable than me wants to send me additions to the site I will be happy to put them up (with credit of course). I do plan on making some sort of return to SMS when I have more time and am able to stream, but for now there will be no updates, at least ones written by me.


On another note, I'd like to say thank you again for using this site. I put a lot of work into it and even though I was optimistic, I never expected it to be anything at all. As of now it's been almost 20 months and the site is at 4,215 views! It feels good to help out the community.


Thanks for reading,



Edit: Also, I've seen the bug with the header. As far as I know this is a bug with Wix, not my site, so I apologize that I am unable to fix it. Kind of ironic, since the part that bugged out is the Wix advertisement. So now the ad is gone. Poggers. But then again I also have a hole in the page. I'll try to fix it if I can.



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